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The purchase of a artwork or an antique, even more than any other type of product, needs a careful evaluation.

This need is dictated not only by the fact that it is often a considerable investment, but even from the variability in the estimate of the value of these assets and from a number of other considerations.
In this article, we analyze the three essential evaluations before buying antiques and works of art.

What assessments must be made before buying antiques and works of art

The first reflection is undoubtedly that of an aesthetic character.

The preference of one or another artistic expression, furniture or antique must necessarily satisfy the buyer visually.
A premise that might seem obvious but in reality it is necessary above all in the current market perspective. Investing in art cannot and must not be considered exclusively an economic investment.

Secondly, the evaluations must relate some intrinsic characteristics of the object, also carefully analyzing the related risks.

Are so intended all those factors that contribute to increase or not the value of the object (cultural, economical or commercial), such as the author and provenance, the subject, the state of conservation, and not least the publications or the quotes from critics, museum and art exhibition certifications.

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Third key’s factor, the financial side.

Fundamental consideration whatever the motivation which leads the buyer to conclude the deal, but above all where it is also intended as a patrimonial investment.

In this case, the evaluations of the interested party must also take into consideration also the trend of the art market with its specific features, knowledge of supply and demand and the evolution of pieces, in order to be able to better target their investments.
In this sense, we recommend the analysis “Collecting and Investing in Art” prepared by Artprice.
According to the aforementioned report, the global price index* has grown by 36% since 2000.
(*calculated on the basis of all global award results).

In Deloitte’s 2018 art and finance report, in the last few years in fact, real services have been created by Wealth Management dedicated to consulting on art (and investments on it), as an integral part of wealth management.

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