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Anticonline is a team of experts at your service to enhance your furniture, paintings and high antiques.

The power of the group, based in Milan and with a logistical and operational detachment of over 400 square meters outside Milan, lies in the choice of combining passion and experience in valuing art and antiques with the use of modern and appropriate tools to make the most of the opportunity to collaborate on the market; in particular the great and intense action in the online world though our websites has given the opportunity to reach a wide national and international clientele for the excellent material and design and make it loyal.

Today this visibility makes us competitive with the traditional sale channels thanks to the wide and differentiated placement capacity to final users.

On the strength of Anticonline has been the creation of a team of experts and researchers interested in the history of art and furniture, both inside and outside the society, chosen between the most experts and known since today the complexity of the antiquarian studies needs accurate and pertinent side sheets to enhance the proposed objects and satisfy the requirements of refined and cultured Italian and foreign customers.

Under the lead of Enrico Sala, antiquarial expert and qualified in antique Italian and European furniture, and Adriano Scaglia, specialized in antique and modern art, your goods will be valorized and valued by the Anticonline team with the help of our consultants active nationally and internationally in the area.

The service of valuing and purchasing is completed with the opportunity, where is necessary, to restore the furniture or the painting to offer it on the national and international market in the best conditions, guaranteeing also the delivery.
The Anticonline stuff counts on an efficient custom service and on a logistical group the follows and completes all the necessary documentations for the national and foreign shipping and delivery.

The team Anticonline