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Antique and Art have been the heart of our activity for more than 30 year:
with profession, passion and attention we buy and sell antique art, period furniture and high antiques.

Anticonline is a service offered by a team of experts to best enhance your furniture, paintings and antique objects.

he power of the group, based in Milan and with a logistical and operational detachment of over 400 square meters outside Milan, lies in the choice of combining passion and experience in valuing art and antiques with the use of modern and appropriate tools to make the most of the opportunity to collaborate on the market;
in particular the great and intense action in the online world though our websites has given the opportunity to reach a wide national and international clientele for the excellent material and design and make it loyal.

Other strength has been the creation of a team of researchers and expert in the history of art and furniture, under the lead of Enrico Sala, antiquarial expert and qualified in antique Italian and European furniture, and Adriano Scaglia, specialized in antique and modern art, capable to orient themselves in the complexity of the actual antiquarian studies.

A team made of expert inside the society and external consultants, nationally and internationally active, analyzes and values the proposals, filling and giving accurate and pertinent side sheets to valorize them and satisfy demanding Italian and foreign costumers.

Other services are a the disposition of costumers: a professional restoration laboratory that allows to purpose furniture and painting in best conditions on the national and international market; a efficient delivery service founded on a custom service and a logistical team capable of organize and complete all the necessary procedures for shipping and delivery in Italy and abroad.

*Purchasing Art and Antiques

If you would like to purchase an antique object or an art piece to decor you house, if you’d like to start a new collection, if you want to invest in a safe-haven asset, we suggest to come and visit us: at the Di Mano In Mano Showroom in Cambiago we have arranged an exclusive gallery where we keep the bests of our furniture.
You’ll visit a selection of furniture and objects, antique paintings, from 19th till 20th century.

*Selling Art and antiques

Are you interested in selling an art piece, an antique furniture or an antique object?
Anticonline offers a free service of esteem and valuation for a wide typology of art and antiques: antique and period furniture, antique and modern paintings, contemporary art, design and decorative objects, sculptures and more.

The delicate moment of selling needs expert evaluations: always confide in experts to have an esteem of the effective value of the work of art in you possession.
We can field our long-time experience in selling, purchasing and evaluation of antiques inside the current market and the professionalism of our experts: this guaranties to achieve the best results in buying and selling art and antiques, always carried out with directness, safeness and satisfaction for both parts.

If you would like to sell an antique object or an art piece you can fill the application in this page to send us informations about the art work that you own so we can make a first esteem: this first evaluation of paintings, antique furnitures or art pieces is always free and without obligations.

Why rely on us to sell Art and Antiques

Our team is specialized in the sale of antique, designer and modern furniture, paintings and art pieces from the 14th century to nowadays.
In the years we have built a connection with a selected and fair clientele and thanks to our turnover we can always invest in the purchase of individual pieces or of entire apartments, homes, historical abodes, paying at the picking up moment.

Purchase and sale of antiques and art

We are interested in purchasing Art and Antiques.
In particular we buy:

* furnitures from the 17th century until half of the 20th century
* painting from the 15th century until modern and contemporary artists
* antique objects, ceramics, bronzes, chandeliers
* antique sculptures made with marble, bronze, wood
* oriental antiques
* gilded and scenographic furnitures, even from the 20th century if with a strong visual impact
* design, furniture and illumination
* collectible books and even entire libraries

Send us pictures specifying from where you are contacting us mailing to
or writing by WhatsApp at 320 822 8043.

For information contact us at 02 95 345 282.

If case of interest we guarantee a free inspection.